CD case contained CD shaped bubble gum . . . i didn't chew it ;)

You got here by clicking on the gargoyle which is found on the cover of Chronic Town. His formal name is "The Spitting Gargoyle of Notre Dame", but i have named him Kudzu and here is why:

    In July 1996, I made my first, but definately not my last, pilgrimage to Athens, Georgia. There is a vine that is found in both South Carolina and Georgia that was imported from China to stop erosion. It grows very rapidly and seems to have taken over much of the landscape (at least on the sides of the parkways). If you look at the front of Murmur, you will see "Kudzu", although in its dormant stage, in a field.

    When we arrived in Athens, one of the first places we visited was Wuxtry's, the record store in downtown Athens where Peter Buck and Michael Stipe met. We bought a 5" plaster Chronic Town Gargoyle there, and he became our traveling mascot, as Athens was the first stop in our cross country journey. We placed him on the dashboard of our car and named him KUDZU.......

    The Kudzu Kronicles . . or . . . where the stuff goes after it leaves here

    - Cool Fanclub Postcard

    - Revelaires Album Cover

    - Murmur Postcard