t tt - Michael on AOL-August 1995. A rather long, but amusing series of questions and answers. Michaels text reads more like a stream of consciousness.

    Mh 1995 m t - Article from Premiere (The Movie Magazine) about Michael going Hollywood. *VERY* kewl caricature !! (please note that this is an actual scan of the article and will take some time to load)

    Юwg ߥ f - These drawings were sent to me by P. Berjan, a fan from Holland. They are simply WONDERFUL !!!!!!

    t 19, 1995 g t - A picture of Michael showing off his recent hernia scar.

    jm ht fm wߧtk 96 - Transcript from WebStock 96. Relatively long for the amount of information presented.

    m h t - Small article about Michael's interest in Single Cell Pictures producing American Psycho. Another cool caricature also ! Thanks to Jan for sending this to me ! Origin of article is unknown.

    m t jkt - This is a scan of the back of my denim jacket (kinda big, though not actual size). Do you think i'm obsessed ?? nah ... ;)

    h宣 tt - Transcript from Michael's appearance on Charlie Rose Show on 08 May 1998. clik here to download zipped text file.

    * j mgz - m 1997 - A picture taken by Michael of his kitchen with a lovely little description which I'm relatively certain was not written by Michael ;)

    * mgz - 1998 - Profile of Michael from this self proclaimed "Thoughtstyle Magazine". Nice article, great pictures. I have only scanned the pictures for the time being. (note: this page contains some *seriously* large graphics)

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