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    * REM Headquarters
    The long awaited Official R.E.M. Page. Many great shots and up to date info.

    Cyberspace, Sex & and the Mysterious Stipe-Man
    Cover Story from Addicted to Noise. There are also several other R.E.M. articles here that make excellant reading. There are also quite a few good photos.

    Color of a Brisk and Leaping Day (1996)
    Probably all you ever wanted to know about this film and all the people associated with it. HUGE section of stipe links and his film history etc ...

    Witness is a public resource that promotes the innovative use of video technology and materials to strengthen the fight for human rights.

    Direct Effect On-Line
    Some public service announcents made in association with C-Hundred Film Corp.

    * Michael Stipe Photos at the PRC
    Article about exhibition of 2 Times Intro with photographs by Michael Stipe, Patti Smith and Oliver Ray.

    * Michael Stipe Discusses Tour
    Hmmmmmmm....pretty much what the title implies. Up Tour that is. Nice photo.

    * the haiku year
    Some info on the book michael was involved with.

    * Pagan Funwear Fashion Show
    An outfit designed my Micheal for a charity auction. interesting ;)

    * Comedy Central - Celebrity Interviews
    You will need to scroll down the page a bit. Eventually you will find a link to listen to and WATCH a Real Audio Interview with Jon Stewart of the Daily Show. Its well worth the wait !!!! (if anyone figures out how to download this gem, PLEASE let me know !)

    * Stipe, October, Warners Form Single Cell Trio
    Article about Michaels Film Involvement.

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