About His Movie company: Single Cell Pictures was inspired by, he says, his "spirit animal", Spriluna, a blue-green algae -- or pond scum. "I thought it was appropriate somehow."

    On making films for the first time: "I remember editing one in the darkroom all by myself and thinking it was really sexy"

    When asked if there is anything he'd like to say about the songs on Monster: "You just give such vague and stupid answers that you hope that they won't get printed."

    About his *supposed* being the voice of a generation: "Even if I felt like I was intelligent enough, well-learned enough, educated enough to accept it, I wouldn't want it. And I'm none of those things."

    On E-Bow The Letter: "I think it's one of the best things I've ever written. I feel it plumbs something inside of me that I wish I could ...I wanted this record to have heart. And that song maybe comes as close as anything on the record to being really real."

    When asked if aluminum really does taste like fear: "Have you ever really been afraid? You get a taste in your mouth - it tastes like chewing on aluminum foil. Adrenaline tastes like aluminum, and when you're really afraid, you taste it in your mouth. It's when the creature part of us completely takes over human, rational everything. Your eyes dialate. Your nuts creep up inside you. You start breathing through your mouth. Your mouth tastes like aluminum. That's what fear tastes like."

    A Pet Groomer: "That's what I use to shave my head with."

    About his sexuality: "I am not homosexual, I am not heterosexual. I am just sexual"

    On the coy, embarrassed smile at the end of the Stand Video: "The smile that broke a thousand hearts. [laughs] That was not planned. That was a genuine laugh. I don't know what they were doing behind the camera to make me laugh like that, but it worked."

    About his public image: "I never really believed that to understand or appreciate a good book you have to know who the author is."

    When asked about Fables of the Reconstruction: "It sounds like two oranges being nailed together"

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