Okie...here's the deal !!

Being online has allowed me the pleasure of meeting many R.E.M. fans from around the world over the past few years !! We *are* a very diverse group of fun and interesting people. I thought that it might be fun to have a FANS section on the page.

I am looking for:

    1 - Any REM dreams that you have had ! Please keep in mind that this is a G-Rated Page *grin*

    2 - Any stories about your encounters with the band (ummmmm....these must be of a first hand nature) i will not include anything i find to be in poor taste....its not that i am fond of censorship, but rumors and hurtful things will not be used.

    3 - Any anecdotes about friends/family/strangers and R.E.M. I have several gems that i will add regarding comments made by my kids ;)

    4 - also still looking for lyrical misquotes.....y'all need to fess up about these. I am sure i'm not the only one who has countless numbers of them ;)

    5 - Anything else you wanna say :)

Kindly email them to me and let me know if you would like your name, email link or URL listed. You can also choose to be anonymous ;) I will let you know when they have been added

janice =)

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